Hey! Im so happy you made it here! Im Taylor Saxelby and this is my little corner of sunshine on the internet. This blog is going to be as random and crazy as my life is. You'll be able to find beauty, faith, travel, fashion, + lifestyle posts. Cant keep any promises because my life often takes 180 degree turns and Ive had to learn how to fearlessly and confidently turn with it. I’ve always loved writing and taking photos from a young age, and I think its unreal that I can post everything in one place to connect with other amazing humans, like YOU!

I moved to LA when I was 18 to pursue my career in dance and was lucky enough to do that for 3 1/2 years! I actually got injured pretty badly and had hip surgery when I was about 21, I had to move back home to Denver for a year and the recovery was brutal. After returning to LA, my career path since then has been pretty hilarious..I went from dancer to make up artist to model to commercial actress to content creator to humanitarian photographer. I know - it doesn't make any sense. I barely get it myself, haha!

I just turned 25 and feel like Im really starting to feel comfortable in my own skin and have confidence in my voice. I’ve started and restarted blogging + youtube so many times now but am really going to try to commit to it. I always stopped because nothing ever seemed good enough or as “perfect” as I wanted it, but this year Im really trying to disrupt perfection and just do what I love!

Anyway, I LOVE meeting new people, hearing stories, and having authentic, vulnerable conversations. I probably meet at least one girl a week off Instagram to have coffee with LOL. I get so inspired and thrive off meeting other women in this creative space so if you’re ever in LA and wanna grab some almond milk lattes, send me a message!! My hope and dream for this blog is to create a community of women who uplift + encourage one another, be an advocate of what Im learning as I travel the world, inspire you to pursue Jesus, and to be a friendly reminder to love where and who you are right now!



music wise…the answer is LANY. Always LANY. But really, I always have headphones in!! Always listening to music or a podcast!


anything white, black, nude, or denim. Im currently really trying to learn more about ethical fashion..if you have anything to share with me I would love that!!


kale salads, mexican food, acai bowls, taco bell, or Doritos. its about balanace…dont judge me.


vanilla or rose almond milk lattes, la croix in key lime pie or coconut (so basic i know), or a giant mason jar of lemon water


honestly, either in my cutie little house with my roommate or somewhere around the world!