Women's Conferences 2018

I posted on my instagram story about needing some suggestions of favorite women's conferences whether they be about business, faith, or somewhere in between! I though it was so awesome so many of you girls wanted a list so I thought I would make a roundup of what I heard. Send me a message if you are in Southern California and want to go to one together!

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I got multiple messages about IF Gathering (couldnt find one close enough to me) and the Hillsong conference! Im definitely leaning towards Yellow CO, HER Night, and Hillsong. Most of these are faith based but I would love even more geared towards business as well. Let me know!



Backpack: three ways



When I was younger I was literally obsessed with back to school shopping. Picking out new backpacks, folders, and dividers made me so excited! Yes, I was that girl who had every binder, folder and pen, color coordinated to my exact class. Im so happy that backpacks are coming in as a fun accessory instead of just purses! Most of the time, my purse straps break because I literally try to fit way too much into them. Im always carrying my laptop, planner, journal, book, and then all the basics like wallet, make up, snacks, blah blah blah. Im pretty much like Mary Poppins haha! I seriously swooned over this gorgeous white one from Gaston Luga. They are SUCH a cool brand and I think I would really enjoy shopping in Sweden!

01. The coffee date

I really do use this backpack as a daily go to! Although sometimes when Im shopping in a store I feel funny with a backpack, like the employees think I'm going to steal something LOL. 

white tie top: hautemess   ||  jeans: cello   ||  flats: chanel


02. the brunch date

I LOVE this outfit. If you ever ask me to go to brunch in the summer, this is what I will most likely be wearing ;) I liked having a backpack that day because I was gone alllll day. So I had all my essentials, plus my laptop to work later in the afternoon. Plus, I loved the pop of white with all the nudes!

pants: old from nordstrom || bodysuit: hautemess || shoes: hautemess

03. the business meeting

Perfect for work! Literally never use a purse anymore when I'm heading to an office or to work because I just have way too much stuff. Normally loaded with my laptop, planner, way too many pens, and even fits my camera!

blouse: old target || jeans: urban outfitters || shoes: old zara

let me know what y'all think of the fashion series, Im having so much fun creating them! or if you have a piece you would want me to style in a few different ways comment + let me know!! love y'all so much!!

all photos by the queen: Nicole Balsamo


- t.


Oxfords: three ways

Im so excited! My first fashion post on the blog. I figured it would be really fun to do one article of clothing and style it three different ways. I don't know if it's because Im getting older or the more I learn about the fashion industry, but Im really trying to get the most out of my closet! Investing in a little bit better quality of clothing and basics. So I thought this was the perfect way for me to get creative in my closet and hopefully give YOU inspiration.

I got ahold of these gorgeous oxfords and I am o b s e s s e d. I think they are one of the most well made shoes I own! They are super comfy and actually go with a lot more than I thought they would. I feel like they automatically make it look like a tried harder when I pair them with basics. Anyway, here are three outfits I put together with the shoes!


01 the dress

I think this was my favorite outfit! The shoes were such a fun option instead of a basic sandal. I normally like wearing heels when my legs show, but since these are pointed toe and a neutral color, it keep them from looking stumpy! haha


02 the boyfriend

Okay, in complete contrast from the dress, I went with boyfriend jeans and a mens inspired shirt. This was so comfortable and perfect for a day that is a little more chilly!


03 the skinny jeans

I love that these shoes literally go with a dress, boyfriend jeans, and skinny jeans! They are so versatile!


YAY! The first fashion post is officially done!

I would LOVE to know feedback. Do we want more pictures/more explaining why I paired things together? I had so much fun doing this, I cant wait to keep sharing more.


You can find the shoes here, a really great investment!!


all photos by the photo queen herself: Nicole Balsamo

s a n t o r i n i || greece.


Santorini is just a must. I told myself I would never go to the same place twice until I traveled everywhere I wanted to but I think Santorini might be my exception. God totally brought us here because we didn't have anywhere to stay. We were looking at cheap hostels towards the south but even those were pricey since it was peak season. We had scavenged through every single Airbnb and those prices were about 500$ over our budget. Nice villas can run anywhere from 500 up to 1,000 per night. yes, you read that right. We thought we would check one last time and the very first Airbnb was listed for 120$, 6 person cave villa, facing the famous Oia sunset. We couldn't believe it!! The host ended up telling us he couldn't find anyone to rent the room for only 2 nights so that's where we got lucky!

I don't recommend doing a last minute trip to Santorini though, definitely plan ahead as far as hotel/hostel/Airbnb accommodations because you an get really screwed over in prices!!



Yet again, Santorini is HOOOOOT!! I love packing for here because really anything goes as long as it's breathable. During the day I either wore a 2 piece cotton set or my swimsuit and a maxi skirt. At night it can get a little chilly, I hate to even say chilly but as long as you have a jean jacket or cardigan to throw on at night you'll be set! At night I wore maxi dresses and put my cardigan in BC's backpack because we always ate outside. We stayed in Oia for 2 nights and then Fira for one. Oia is the picturesque place you dream of. The golden spot for sunsets and much quieter than anywhere else on the island. We headed to Fira our last night since it's closer to the airport and it has much more of a city feel. That's where people go out at night and there are a ton more options food wise!




In Oia...

Skiza. Skiza. Skiza. Best food on the island. They're one of the only places that have real fruit smoothies that don't use milk or yogurt! Also, this is my favorite place in the entire world for a vegetarian pizza. Better than Italy. I know I'm going to get a lot of hate from my vegan friends on this but it is truly the only place in the world I will eat pizza!

Z's. It's right by the bus stop and they have pretty tasty veggie burgers!

In Fira..

Do yourself a favor and get a crepe and/or baklava from really anywhere here. We had a strawberry and chocolate one for dessert and it HIT THE SPOT. I also had never had baklava before but it was seriously on every single menu, so I decided I had to try it. I want to be honest here.... I died and went to desert heaven. Sometimes, I had them twice I day. I know.


There's an AMAZING vegetarian place called good mood food. It has a yummy quinoa salad and some of the best falafel wraps on the island. We also heard of Falafeland but didn't get a chance to try it out. Let me know how it is if any of y'all try it!



Visit Amoudi Bay. It is quite the hike but well worth it. You walk down those famous steps and follow a dirt path around a cliff and BOOM. The crystal clear waters beg you to jump in. For you adventurous type this is also the most common place to cliff jump. I did it and was scared AF but according to BC 'it's not really that high' ;)


Rent ATV's! There are a ton of places so just pop into a few and check what the cheapest price is. For 24 hours we got one for 20 euro. Definitely haggle with pricing on this! You can cruise around the whole island and get lost in its beauty.


Watch the sunset in Oia. This is not an option! Named some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. People from all over the island come to watch the sunset from here every night. It gets PACKED so get there early :) We were so lucky and blessed to have an airbnb facing the sunset complete with a hottub. I still cant believe it either.


After a dreamy few days in Santorini, one of our friends in Istanbul offered to let us stay at her house. Neither of us had been before so we thought, why not! We booked the flight witihin a few hours and headed of to explore a country we knew nothing about.


a t h e n s || greece.


BC was working in Europe the past 3 1/2 weeks (which is the longest we've ever been apart)..sickening I know ;) He asked me to book a one-way ticket to meet him in Athens and then we would figure out the rest of our adventure day by day. If you know anything about me, you would think this would be my worst nightmare, but for some reason, travel is when my spontaneity comes out! I found the cheapest flight I could and packed my carry on full of random clothes. Because with BC, who knows where we will end up, haha!

We started in Athens which I had never explored before. I flew through there last year on my way to Santorini and didn't have much interest but I am so happy we spent a few days there. It has a rich and beautiful history, it makes Rome look young! My favorite sightseeing we did was heading to the top of the Acropolis at sunset. There's a gorgeous view of the whole city, but I recommend getting up there early because it gets packed!

I thought as I travel I would share my favorite spots, clothes to pack, and of course... food. I'm nervous this is going to quickly turn into a food blog because that's what my day seems to revolve around *insert crying laughing emoji*




It is HOT HOT HOT in Athens. I wore high waisted shorts, crop tops, and sandals for the 2 days we were there. Pro tip: DO NOT PACK HIGH HEELS. The cobble stone and uneven roads are a nightmare. I know, I wanted to look cute when going to dinner with my man but #notworththebrokenankle. 

△ red top + printed bottom: band of gypsies

△ embroided red bandana: olirosedesigns




This might be my favorite part...there were so many amazing healthy options in Athens which I was not expecting. BC had done a little pre scouting for my vegan belly which I appreciated so much.

We found this great little smoothie place called Groceristas. The owner had just opened his shop and it is actual smoothie heaven. You literally pick whatever you want off of this wall which included so many super foods, herbs, and proteins. He blends everything together that you picked plus some fresh fruit. 

Happy Blender was a fantastic Acai bowl spot. It's one of few in Athens and it was really refreshing on the hot days! Not to mention the owner might be one of the sweetest ladies on the planet.

Avocado. Go there. Immediately. Run, don't walk. We ate here at least once a day (sometimes twice) and OH MY GOSH some of the best vegan food I've ever had. Their vegan burger was out of this world. My mouth is legitimately watering as I type this. They have soooo many options I wanted one of everything.




After 3 days in Athens, we were ready to head to Santorini! I went last year but I loved it so much I wanted to experience it with BC. We decided at 11:00pm to buy a 9 hour, overnight, ferry ticket so we wouldn't have to pay for a hotel (#budgetlife). At 11:40pm, 10 minutes before we were supposed to board our ferry BC got a call from a non profit that asked us to stay one more night in Athens so we could help tell their story!

The non profit is called Bourambo. It's an amazing organization that helps take surpluses of food from restaurants, weddings, events and gives back to the homeless. We were lucky enough to meet the Prince + Princess of Greece who were also volunteering and are so passionate about their people and improving their community. BC filmed a video about the whole project which I'll share later :) It was really cool to hear about this because volunteering in Athens isn't as practiced as it is in other parts of the world. Their goal is to get more people + vendors involved which we loved!


If you made it to the end of this post, I'm impressed! I would love to hear feedback on what y'all think of these little travel guides?! I tried to think of questions people ask me most about a country I've visited. Anyway, thanks so much for sticking around and cant wait to see you on my next post. I promise it wont be another 4 months ;)





the first blog post, ah!


Oh. My. Goodness!!!

I can't believe this is finally happening. To be completely honest I feel like I should not have made my website live considering there's so much work left to be done but...Im taking my own advice and going for it!

I thought I would do a fun get to know me post for any new friends visiting my site! First of all I want to start by saying, thanks so much for being here :)  I'm Taylor, I'm 24 years old, and I live in L.A. I originally moved here to pursue my dance career 2 weeks after I turned 18... and wow has life taken some crazy turns. I now do commercial + print work rarely involving dance. That's a story for another time!



I am obsessed with adventuring, travel, sunshine, cafes, elephants, vegan food, photography, my friends, family, and faith. This blog is kind of going to be all over the place...similar to my life, haha! Anyway, I would LOVE to know what you guys want me to post about. All suggestions welcome, I'm totally an open book. I cant wait to chat with y'all.