the first blog post, ah!


Oh. My. Goodness!!!

I can't believe this is finally happening. To be completely honest I feel like I should not have made my website live considering there's so much work left to be done but...Im taking my own advice and going for it!

I thought I would do a fun get to know me post for any new friends visiting my site! First of all I want to start by saying, thanks so much for being here :)  I'm Taylor, I'm 24 years old, and I live in L.A. I originally moved here to pursue my dance career 2 weeks after I turned 18... and wow has life taken some crazy turns. I now do commercial + print work rarely involving dance. That's a story for another time!



I am obsessed with adventuring, travel, sunshine, cafes, elephants, vegan food, photography, my friends, family, and faith. This blog is kind of going to be all over the place...similar to my life, haha! Anyway, I would LOVE to know what you guys want me to post about. All suggestions welcome, I'm totally an open book. I cant wait to chat with y'all.