s a n t o r i n i || greece.


Santorini is just a must. I told myself I would never go to the same place twice until I traveled everywhere I wanted to but I think Santorini might be my exception. God totally brought us here because we didn't have anywhere to stay. We were looking at cheap hostels towards the south but even those were pricey since it was peak season. We had scavenged through every single Airbnb and those prices were about 500$ over our budget. Nice villas can run anywhere from 500 up to 1,000 per night. yes, you read that right. We thought we would check one last time and the very first Airbnb was listed for 120$, 6 person cave villa, facing the famous Oia sunset. We couldn't believe it!! The host ended up telling us he couldn't find anyone to rent the room for only 2 nights so that's where we got lucky!

I don't recommend doing a last minute trip to Santorini though, definitely plan ahead as far as hotel/hostel/Airbnb accommodations because you an get really screwed over in prices!!



Yet again, Santorini is HOOOOOT!! I love packing for here because really anything goes as long as it's breathable. During the day I either wore a 2 piece cotton set or my swimsuit and a maxi skirt. At night it can get a little chilly, I hate to even say chilly but as long as you have a jean jacket or cardigan to throw on at night you'll be set! At night I wore maxi dresses and put my cardigan in BC's backpack because we always ate outside. We stayed in Oia for 2 nights and then Fira for one. Oia is the picturesque place you dream of. The golden spot for sunsets and much quieter than anywhere else on the island. We headed to Fira our last night since it's closer to the airport and it has much more of a city feel. That's where people go out at night and there are a ton more options food wise!




In Oia...

Skiza. Skiza. Skiza. Best food on the island. They're one of the only places that have real fruit smoothies that don't use milk or yogurt! Also, this is my favorite place in the entire world for a vegetarian pizza. Better than Italy. I know I'm going to get a lot of hate from my vegan friends on this but it is truly the only place in the world I will eat pizza!

Z's. It's right by the bus stop and they have pretty tasty veggie burgers!

In Fira..

Do yourself a favor and get a crepe and/or baklava from really anywhere here. We had a strawberry and chocolate one for dessert and it HIT THE SPOT. I also had never had baklava before but it was seriously on every single menu, so I decided I had to try it. I want to be honest here.... I died and went to desert heaven. Sometimes, I had them twice I day. I know.


There's an AMAZING vegetarian place called good mood food. It has a yummy quinoa salad and some of the best falafel wraps on the island. We also heard of Falafeland but didn't get a chance to try it out. Let me know how it is if any of y'all try it!



Visit Amoudi Bay. It is quite the hike but well worth it. You walk down those famous steps and follow a dirt path around a cliff and BOOM. The crystal clear waters beg you to jump in. For you adventurous type this is also the most common place to cliff jump. I did it and was scared AF but according to BC 'it's not really that high' ;)


Rent ATV's! There are a ton of places so just pop into a few and check what the cheapest price is. For 24 hours we got one for 20 euro. Definitely haggle with pricing on this! You can cruise around the whole island and get lost in its beauty.


Watch the sunset in Oia. This is not an option! Named some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. People from all over the island come to watch the sunset from here every night. It gets PACKED so get there early :) We were so lucky and blessed to have an airbnb facing the sunset complete with a hottub. I still cant believe it either.


After a dreamy few days in Santorini, one of our friends in Istanbul offered to let us stay at her house. Neither of us had been before so we thought, why not! We booked the flight witihin a few hours and headed of to explore a country we knew nothing about.