Backpack: three ways



When I was younger I was literally obsessed with back to school shopping. Picking out new backpacks, folders, and dividers made me so excited! Yes, I was that girl who had every binder, folder and pen, color coordinated to my exact class. Im so happy that backpacks are coming in as a fun accessory instead of just purses! Most of the time, my purse straps break because I literally try to fit way too much into them. Im always carrying my laptop, planner, journal, book, and then all the basics like wallet, make up, snacks, blah blah blah. Im pretty much like Mary Poppins haha! I seriously swooned over this gorgeous white one from Gaston Luga. They are SUCH a cool brand and I think I would really enjoy shopping in Sweden!

01. The coffee date

I really do use this backpack as a daily go to! Although sometimes when Im shopping in a store I feel funny with a backpack, like the employees think I'm going to steal something LOL. 

white tie top: hautemess   ||  jeans: cello   ||  flats: chanel


02. the brunch date

I LOVE this outfit. If you ever ask me to go to brunch in the summer, this is what I will most likely be wearing ;) I liked having a backpack that day because I was gone alllll day. So I had all my essentials, plus my laptop to work later in the afternoon. Plus, I loved the pop of white with all the nudes!

pants: old from nordstrom || bodysuit: hautemess || shoes: hautemess

03. the business meeting

Perfect for work! Literally never use a purse anymore when I'm heading to an office or to work because I just have way too much stuff. Normally loaded with my laptop, planner, way too many pens, and even fits my camera!

blouse: old target || jeans: urban outfitters || shoes: old zara

let me know what y'all think of the fashion series, Im having so much fun creating them! or if you have a piece you would want me to style in a few different ways comment + let me know!! love y'all so much!!

all photos by the queen: Nicole Balsamo


- t.