Oh my gosh I cannot believe it has been a year since I was last here. As soon as we sat down in the cafe I got super emotional. Last year, I remember being so nervous and so uncomfortable. I felt really out of place and uneducated about what was going on. I was meeting so many people and hearing their stories, I had no idea how to process anything or how to react. 

It really is crazy what a year can do. When I walked in this time I took a huge breathe of relief. Walking into the Mom's factory and seeing all of their sweet faces was so refreshing. It felt warm and comfortable, like home. 

Be Free Revolution and Ubuntu totally changed my life last year. Thats a bold thing to say but its the truth. They both hold a huge place in my heart and have taught me so much about myself, the world, and more importantly the power of relationships.

I just want to give a quick little round up on what Ubuntu is doing because trust me once you learn more about it, you'll become obsessed too ;)

 Ubuntu Made and the Ubuntu Foundation grew out of a friendship between Jeremiah Kuria and Zane Wilemon, pastors from Kenya and Texas. Meeting weekly over lunch in Mai Mahiu, a small town an hour outside Nairobi, they debated faith, growth, and aid. Together they created a center for children with disabilities, providing life-changing therapy and medical care for kids who suffer from physical challenges and social stigma. Caring for these children had been a full-time job for their mothers. Soon their Mums started a new conversation with Jeremiah and Zane: “Now that our kids are out of the house, can you help us do something productive with our time?”  Empowerment means more than providing handouts or even a sustainable job. It means offering people a chance to create their own lives and livelihood. Ubuntu Made pays above-market wages and provides health insurance to all of their employees and their families, a rarity in Kenya. The job skills the Mums learn and the money they earn empower them to buy homes, provide for their families, and sometimes start their own enterprises. They earn more than money; they earn respect in their community.




Last year when we visited Ubuntu, they were just dreaming up and making a plan for the first ever Afridrille. Y'all know what espadrilles are right? Well they are super similar in the fact that they have the woven bottom part of the shoe, but afridrilles are all hand made by the moms here in Kenya. They are soooooo cute and you can even customize them. I have a nude pair at home with white little cactus on them :) It was so cool to come back a year later and see them being made and shipped off to the US! We literally arrived the day before the first shipment was sent off. I just wanted to put some faces to the shoes you all are ordering. 100% of all the profits go to  empowering women and serving children with special needs in Maai Mahiu, Kenya!! 



classic safari green

i have a custom pair too..but this is my favortie color from the classic collection!

Im also going to leave links to other products that I have. I have 4 bags, bracelets, and the afridrilles. The totes I use on a weekly basis back at home. They are incredibly well made and are great for everyday throwing stuff in. The one I use most often is actually sold out right now but keep an eye out for it ;)  I also use the clutch EVERY TIME I TRAVEL. It acts as a laptop case and clutch and make up bag and honestly, just so many uses.

currently on sale!!

currently on sale!!

Im really trying to educate myself of sustainable and ethical fashion. Companies like this make me never want to shop at forever 21 or h&m ever again. I hope this blog post encourages you to do the same. My heart is forever changed by this company and I hope one day you support them too! ((also, how cute is this momma? She lights up every time BC walks into the room. my heart.))